Monday, March 10, 2008

BX Beats


BX Beats is the home of Mott Haven Village Prep After School Music Production Workshop Our Producers

DJ Complete


Fatal Breakdown/ Cypher Two in one, a deadly combination Like the affects of C-4 detonationThe flow, the rhythm, its crazyEverything falls in place insanelyI’ve been thinking a lot about producing latelyWhen I’m done even timberland is going to hate me

Fatal Breakdown

But on a serious note I know more than ever before about producing, I started a DJ program last year and that’s where I know music from. Now I can make beats (not quite yet but getting there). Music is therapeutic for me, making it is a million times better. Now it fits into what I like but I’m versatile, that means that I can make any type of beat. I like to experiment with every sound and I like different styles of music so making an R&B beat or a RAP beat is not that difficult for me.

Raymond- my style in beats is basically anything to grab the girls attention. I want people to understand im a respectful producer.I want people to know me as a hard producer. I do hood beats but my interest is mostly RnB………

PARLAE- my experience with working as a producer is exciting because I don’t normally do beats, I am the best rapper alive. All I need is a hot beat to flow off and I'm am GOOD!!!!

cool kids (Parlae and Ray~DollA$)This program tell us all we need to know about beats( the basics). We recommend this program to any beat makers out there.

The C00L kids!!!

My style of beat making and MCing is original. I like to use big words in a lot of my bars which seem to make my lyrics different from everyone else’s. From time to time I might write hardcore lyrics but what I write is mostly about everyday life stuff or things that could be happening in the world. What I won’t do when it comes to writing lyrics is talk about something I’ve never experienced. I make sure my lyrics are real and show my character. As for the beats, I want to make sure that they sound like a classic rather than just a hit single, because a classic lasts forever.

Producers who will be profiled in future posts:

J Summers (Empire Beats)